Donnerkogel 2054m
Donnerkogel 2054m
Von der Bergstation der Riedelkarbahn über den Törlecksattel zum Großen Donnerkogel.
Gehzeit ca. 2,5 Std.
Angerstein 2100m
Angerstein 2100m
Vierstündige Tour vom Parkplatz Pommer über Stuhlalm und Große Weitscharte zum Gipfel.
Trittsicherheit erforderlich.
Glatschofenkogel 2078m
Mandlkogel 2279m
Mandlkogel 2279m
In 4 bis 5 Stunden geht es vom Parkplatz Pommer über Stuhlalm, Jagdhütte und Gamsfeldklamm zum Gipfel.
Trittsicherheit erforderlich.
Bischofsmütze 2458m
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Anreise: Kalender
Abreise: Kalender
Zimmer: Erw.:
Kinder (Alter eingeben, z.B. 2, 7)
Erlebnis & Genuss Touren im Tennengau
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The unique attraction for the whole family & company outing in Salzburg - with brand-new stations

Bat and ball - and off you go to play Fun-Golf!

Around the „Kopfberg“ we proudly present a new „Highlight“. On an easy hikingtour discover and enjoy the phantastic view of Gosaukamm, the so-called Salzburgian Dolomits" with its majestic Bischofsmütze and on the other side the Tennengebirge in the Lammertal.
The new attraction „Gaudi-Golf“-Fun-Golf offers a range of variety, entertainment and fun for all.

"Gaudi-Golf" - What will you expect?

On a comfortable hikingtrail many different "Gaudi-Golf-Stations" will be offered. Starting point ist the Salzburger Dolomitenhof.

"Gaudi-Golf" - a kind of different golf:
The natural environment - farm and alpine atmosphere - is shown in the individual golf-stations.
The leisurely hike (appr. 1 h to 3 hours at a moderate pace) is easy to deal with - so ideal also for families with younger children.

Tip: Also for school-, companies- or club excursions we will find the right offer - please contact us, we will provide you with a customized group offer.

Gaudigolf Parcours Station 1

Gaudigolf Parcours Station 2

Gaudigolf Parcours Station 3

Gaudigolf Parcours Station 4

Gaudigolf Parcours Station 5

Gaudigolf Parcours Station 6

Gaudigolf Parcours Station 7

Gaudigolf Parcours Station 8

Gaudigolf Parcours Station 9

Gaudigolf Parcours Station 10

Gaudigolf Parcours Station 11

Gaudigolf Parcours Station 12

Die Scorecard - Collecting point to the finish

Die Score-Card, bat and balls you will get at the Salzburger Dolomitenhof, the starting point of your "Gaudi-Golf"-lap.
Fill in your points on every station in the scorecard. Finally is settled. 

The rules of the game:

Rule 1)
Purpose of this game is to hit the ball with as few strokes from bringing tee to the finish of the respecitve track.
Rule 2)
Every stroke counts as a point.
Rule 3)
At the beginning of the game on eack track you have to play the ball from the tee maker. This is also valid, if the obstacle will not properly overcome. Otherwise the strike is to continue from where it has come to rest.
Rule 4)
If the player has not reached the target within 6 strikes, 7 points will be listed on the scorecard and the game continues on the next track.
Rule 5)
The number of marks is to be entered at the scorecard.



The Prices:

1 Ball + Score-Card
EURO 5.-
for children up to 15 years
EURO 3.-
EURO 5.-

Tip: The path on the Gaudi-Golf-stations is suitable for young and old. Connect a round of Gaudi-Golf by visiting the hay-figures which are also located on one part of the way. 

Station "Horse", designed by Winterstellgut

     All the "Gaudi-Golf" stations" were created with fine details and love for the work, along a beautiful parcours.

"Fox and rabbit" will await you to play together!


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