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International art from Lammertal

Professor Gottfried Kumpf from Annaberg-Lungötz

His works of art are characterized by uniqueness and expressiveness - from large murals to bronze sculptures and illustrations to the smallest stamps. Professor Gottfried Kumpf was born in Annaberg-Lungötz on November 29, 1930, the son of the country Dr. Kerner. His parents' house bears the number 39. On the occasion of his 90th birthday the internationally renowned artist was named an honorary citizen of Annaberg-Lungötz in 2020. Prof. Gottfried Kumpf passed away on September 5th, 2022 at the age of 91. With his warm personality and his humorous nature, he will always be fondly remembered in his place of birth.

A passionate Salzburg native

A sense of home expressed in pictures

His enthusiasm for painting, which he already pursued in his childhood, never let go of him throughout his life. Following in his father's footsteps, he began to study medicine, but in 1956 turned completely to painting. During his medical studies in Innsbruck he illustrated anatomical atlases and visited after moving to Graz and Vienna he attended the medical faculty as well as the Academy of Arts. But again and again motifs from Salzburg and Annaberg appeared in his works.
"Summer in Annaberg" - painting of Prof. Gottfried Kumpf ©Gemeinde Annaberg-Lungötz
"Annaberg in winter" - painting of Prof. Gottfried Kumpf ©Gemeinde Annaberg-Lungötz
In addition to oil paintings, watercolors, prints, etc., Prof. Kumpf had also illustrated and written various books. He created stamps for the Republic of Austria, whereby the most famous were printed for Olympic Summer and Winter games. Prof. Kumpf also immortalized himself in architecture and design in Austria. These include the motorway station Göttelsbrunn on the A4 east motorway, the Stegersbach Golf and Spa Hotel and the forecourt of the Vienna-Bisamberg hydroelectric power station.

A present to his hometown

Unique work of art in Salzburg Land

In the 1970s he also turned to printmaking. In addition to lithographs, etchings and serigraphs, his well-known bronze sculpture "The Asocial" was also created.

Until last he created successful new bronzes and prints are almost every year. Bronze sculptures such as cats, frogs, elephants and zodiac signs were designed by Prof. Kumpf in his soft, individual style and are very popular. Prof. Kumpf was always very fond of his birthplace. In 2006, the so-called "owl fountain" (Eulenbrunnen) was built according to his designs in front of the New Middle School in Annaberg. The bronze Kumpf owl is a gift to his hometown.
Professor Gottfried Kumpf and the mayor Josef Schwarzenbacher open the Gottfried-Kumpf-Path. ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz
The "Kumpf-owl" is a present from Professor Kumpf to his hometown. ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz
The "Owlfountain" is in front of the New Middle School in Annaberg ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz
Visit the extensive Kumpf collection at heritage museum Gererhof. Reduced admission with the guest card from Annaberg-Lungötz
The "Kumpfgondel" is inaugurated on 7 September.

A gondola for Prof. Kumpf

In honour of the famous artist from Annaberg it was decided to design a gondola of the Donnerkogelbahn according to the designs of Prof. Gottfried Kumpf. Prof. Kumpf was happy to present his talent and creativity in this form. So he designed another design of the owl, which now floats uphill on the gondola with the no. 37.

Postcard from Annaberg by Prof. Kumpf. ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz

A peace of art from Annaberg-Lungötz

With this winter sports postcard, the renowned artist Professor Gottfried Kumpf, has created a tibute to his birthplace.
It can now be purchased for € 0.40 per card at the tourist office Annaberg or at the Moser tobacconist´s.
A very special and unique piece of art from Annaberg-Lungötz to send or to keep yourself.

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