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Hiking between Lammertal and Salzkammergut: We'll take you with us!

Special views and exciting insights on guided hikes

The area around Annaberg-Lungötz has so much to offer for hikers. Enjoy lush alpine pastures with rustic huts, rugged cliffs and gentle meadows, shady forests and fresh streams. And sometimes you need a little extra experience. How about historical insights into bygone times? Have you ever experienced a magnificent sunrise on the mountain? Do you know what the legendary "black lacquer" is all about and where to find flying emeralds? We take you with us: Let yourself be guided to special views and exciting insights.

Fantastic views on guided hikes ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz
Mountains, forests, alpine pastures and water on guided hikes ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz
The summit of the Gerzkopf is almost reached ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz
The sun rises over the Gosaukamm. ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Sunrise hike

When everyone else is still asleep, we are already on our way: we head towards Loseggalmen on old alpine paths. Arrived just in time, because the sun is now peeking over the rugged peaks - a magnificent spectacle. Nature awakens, we enjoy breakfast at the Langfeldhütte - before we continue to the Mahdriedl viewpoint.
Start: Monday, appr. 05:30 am | (19.06. - 11.09. 2023)
Meeting point: Salzburger Dolomitenhof
Duration: 05:30 am until appr. 12:00 o´clock | Walking time: 4 hours
Guided hike free with guestcard
Costs breakfast: Adult:
12,00 €  |  Children 8 -14:  08,00 € 
Get to know your vacation spot ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz

Get to know your vacation spot

Guided local tour through Annaberg

Did you know that Annaberg-Lungötz is home to the best ski racer in the world? Have you heard that your holiday destination is the birthplace of an internationally renowned artist? Do you know that high-quality sports fashion and other products are shipped all over the world from here? Your holiday destination has a lot to offer, you will hear stories, experience history and try good things on a leisurely local hike.
Start: Tuesday, 05:00 pm | (05.07. - 13.09.2022)
Meeting point: Tourist office Annaberg (Kopfberg-Parking)
Duration: 05:00 pm - appr. 07:00 pm | Walking time: 1,5 hours
Guided hike - free with guestcard
Yoga in front of the wonderful backdrop in Annaberg ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz

Yoga in Nature

Flexibility, strength, well-being

Practicing yoga in nature is a very special experience. Just like the wonderful area in Annaberg. So what could be more natural than to combine both. A little meditative walk takes us to the place in nature. The lesson only takes place in good weather.

Start: Wednesday, 10:00 am | (06.07.-14.09.2022)
Meeting point: Parking space Salzburger Dolomitenhof
Duration: appr. 1,5 hours
Costs € 12.00 with guestcard / without guestcard € 15.00
Please register by 6 p.m. the evening before directly with yoga teacher Manuela
The 400 year old Gererhof in Annaberg ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz

Heritage museum Gererhof

Rural life in the Lammertal from four centuries

The 400-year-old farm provides authentic insights into rural life, as it was common in the upper Lammertal in the 17th century. Even from the outside, the Gererhof looks like a rustic jewelry box from days long gone. Inside, the courtyard houses, in addition to rooms in their original state, a permanent exhibition “From flax to linen”, as well as old handicrafts, but also old costumes and a still intact Rauchkuchl.

Time: Wednesday, 03:00 pm to 04:00 Uhr pm | (17.05-18.10.2023)
Where: Heritage museum Gererhof
Adults:  2,50 €  |  Children for free
Info and Registration for a guided walk through the museum: +43 664 1281241 (Custodian Christine Quehenberger)

Take your homemade hay mouse home with you ©Sommerauhof-Lungötz

Tinker with hay on the HeuART-Way

Small souvenirs made by yourself

Numerous funny characters are exhibited on the HeuART-Weg in Annaberg. Together we will make little hay figures that you can take home with you as a nice souvenir. Heart, flower or mouse: just give it a try!

Time: Thursday, 04:00 pm | (07.07.-08.09.2022)
Meeting point: Hay figure gallery at the Salzburger Dolomitenhof
Duration: 2 hours
Costs: 05,00 € per person
Registration: until Thursday, 12:00 o´clock at the Tourist info
Hike in Empress Sisi's footsteps on the Zwieselalm. ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz

In the footsteps of Empress Sisi

Guided hike and exclusive insights on the Zwieselalm

The Donnerkogelbahn in Annaberg / Astauwinkel takes you to the Riedlkar, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view over the mountains that Sisi already appreciated. Now further on a leisurely hike to the Zwieselalmhütte, where the Empress once stayed. Is it this window behind which the imperial chamber is? From the hut we hike to the "Aussicht" and on to the Gosaukammbahn, with which we descend to the idyllic Gosau lake. Return with the hiking taxi.
Start: Thursday, 09:45 am | (03.07.-22.09.2022)
Meeting point: Valleystation Donnerkogelbahn
Duration: 9:45 am until appr. 04:00 pm | Walking time: 2,5 hours
Adults:  25,00 €  |  Children 8 -14:  15,00 € 
(Price with guestcard)
View of the Gosaukamm from the legendary "Black Lacquer". ©Bernhard Ponemayr

Nature preserve Gerzkopf

Guided hike on the panoramic mountain

The hiking taxi comfortably brings us from the meeting point to the starting point in front stream. From here it is a challenging uphill climb, the hunting lodge forms the entrance to the nature reserve. This harbors an intact habitat for an extraordinary flora and fauna around the legendary "Schwarze Lacke" (Black Lacquer), a raised moor that has become rare. We leave the magnificent panoramic mountain in the direction of St. Martin, from where we take the bus to the starting point.
Start: Friday, 09:30 am | (01.07.-30.09.2022)
Meeting point: Parking space vis-á-vis Church Lungötz
Duration: 9:30 am until appr 04:00 pm | Walking time: 6 hours
Adults:  15,00 €  |  Children 8 -14:  10,00 €  (with Guestcard)

All program items only with advance notice. Please note that there may be changes at short notice due to the current corona situation. Please refer to the weekly post for the exact start times of the individual program items, as well as where you can register for them.

The list of all guided hikes in Lammertal and Dachstein-West can be found at this link.

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