Summer holidays for all the senses in Salzburger Lammertal ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz
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Summer holiday in Annaberg-Lungötz

Enjoy a holiday in the mountains of Austria with all your senses in the hiking region Dachstein-West

Hiking in Annaberg-Lungötz over alpine flowering meadows, accompanied by birdsong, the splashing of small streams and the magnificent panorama of the Gosaukamm with the gloriosly Bischofsmütze.  Have a quiet rest in original mountain huts where home-made delicacies are offered.
hiking and gondola @ TVB Annaberg-Lungötz

What a wonderful feeling

Combine "gondolas"with hiking

Put on your hiking boots and off we go: Up to the mountains! You can expect a fantastic panorama, beautiful hiking trails for the whole family, cozy huts or even a summit storm.
Until 27th of September every Thursday and Sunday, the Donnerkogelbahn takes you to the Zwieselalm hiking area in Annaberg / Dachstein-West for an autumn-hike. Guests with the guest card from Annaberg-Lungötz are granted 1 free ride from a stay of one night (Exceptions: special trips).
refreshment at the fountain@touristoffice Annaberg-Lungoetz

Mystic water

guided tours to rare and hidden places

We take you - on guided hikes to very special places. Five days a week, you have the opportunity for extraordinary walks in nice company. Experience the sunrise on the mountain, explore fabulous springs with crystal clear water and follow in truly imperial footsteps: your mountain summer holiday in Annaberg-Lungötz in the hiking region Dachstein-West.

Family holiday in the hiking paradise

Annaberg-Lungoetz-hiking area Dachstein-West

Whether alone, as a couple, with children or in a group - in the Salzburger Land all hikers get their money's worth. Versatile hiking trails for all needs and ages are available. Many paths lead you past numerous natural beauties in Annaberg-Lungötz. The alpine pastures and huts in the region gradually reopen and invite you and invite you to take a break.
Hiking area Dachstein West © Annaberg-Lungoetz Tourist Office
Summer tobbogan ©Gästeservice Tenengau

Hiking and more

Excursion destinations for your summer holiday in SalzburgerLand

The community Annaberg-Lungötz is located in the Salzburg Tennengau. The idyllic village is an ideal starting point for visiting many destinations and attractions in the area. The Mozart city of Salzburg is only an hour's drive away, as is the imperial city of Bad Ischl. Also the varied Hay figures trail in Annaberg-Lungötz should not be missed.
Empress Sisi Zwieselalm ©Annaberg-Lungötz Tourist Office

On imperial paths

You can only find that in Annaberg. We take you there, where the young empress Sisi used to spend her summerbreak in those days.
Take part in a guided hike to the Zwieselalm Hut, where the Empress once stayed overnight. The imperial Bedchamber can only be visited as part of this guided tour!
Statue of St. Anna ©Martha Dullnig

200 steps take you up the sky lounge

Listen to the voice of nature

At the Kraft-Logenplatz near the stone-pine statue of the local patron saint Anna, where you literally hear the silence of nature, many a pilgrim has been able to take a lot of strength with him. So this point up here has always been perceived by many people as a special place of energy.
In the last part through the forest, we climb over 200 steps, closer to the sky. Insiders also refer to this way as "belly-legs-butt-way", because the ascent is said to donate not only mental but also muscular strength.

Hiking holiday from hut to hut

Make a hiking tour around the wonderful gosaukamm

Annaberg-Lungötz in Salzburgerland is a real insider tip for hikers . Up there, the clocks tick a little differently; original; somehow a completely different world. Stop the time a little bit, let your thoughts circle, feel joy. Especially popular is the option to discover a different hut every day, including a stop.
Mountainpanorama@TVB Annaberg
fog under your steps ©Brigitte Oberländer

Magic walking

Ready to make a pilgrimage ?

The route is the goal. And the way leads to Annaberg-Lungötz. Sometimes it takes a look into the distance to get to the point. Three pilgrimage routes (Leonhardsweg, Ruptertusweg, Arnoweg) and the Salzalpensteig meet in Annaberg. In our Pilgerpensionen you are warmly welcome.

Respect your limits

Dealing with animals on the mountain pasture

During your alpine summer holiday in Annaberg-Lungötz in the Dachstein-West hiking region, you will meet animals such as cows and calves, sheep and goats or horses, who enjoy their "summer freshness" up here. As a rule, the meeting of hikers and grazing animals works without any problems. These measures help to make the coexistence on the alpine harmonious.
Do you have your dog on a hiking holiday? With these tips, we are sure that it will be a nice holiday for you and your four-legged friend without any misunderstandings, but with a lot of joy and enjoyment. Welcome to Annaberg-Lungötz!

Hiking and Harvest in Annaberg

Bauernherbst and more

Recharge body and soul, with colour and joie de vivre before the cold and white season sweeps over the mountains. This is perfect for an autumn holiday. Hiking, culinary diversity, many folkoric events and fund, which the Salzburger Bauernherbst festival offers.

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