Hiking in Annaberg-Lungötz with a view of the Bischofsmütze
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Hiking tours in Annaberg

Interactive map of trails

In the following list you will find an overview of hiking tours in Annaberg in the Salzburg Land. You can filter the results and change the display to Map view. This was you can see directly where the individual hiking tours are located. Click on the desired hike for further information.
The ideal tool for your hiking holiday in Annaberg in the Salzburger Land for planning your hikes.

Important information about the hikingtrails

The local Annaberg office of the Austrian Mountain Rescue Service warns!

It is currently strongly discouraged to walk the Austriaweg (No. 601/611) between Stuhlalm/Körnerhütte and Mahdalm/Losegg via the Durchgangscharte (Jöchl)!
It is imperative to cross several very steep, hard tongues of snow. Without special equipment such as pimples, picks and crampons they are not safe to walk on - RISK OF FALLING OFF MOUNTAIN!

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