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Events in Salzburg Tennengau

Annaberg-Lungötz invites you to celebrate

Tradition and customs, that's the Salzburg Tennengau. In Austria, culture and culinary art simply belong together. Many festivals unite the themes in the course of a year. Whether spring herbs, mountain worships, farmers' autumn or Advent market - there is always something to experience in and around Annaberg-Lungötz there is always something to experience. We like to celebrate and cordially invite you! (Due to the corona pandemic, events can also be postponed or canceled at short notice)

Well informed throughout your holiday

Experience a multi-facetted holiday in the Salzburger Land and join in the celebrations at the various festivals in the region. In this way you can experience the customs and traditions, art and culinary delights of the Lammertal valley unadulterated and right on the spot. Find out what's going on in and around Annaberg-Lungötz every week in the current weekly programme.

Festivals and celebrations in the annual circle

These events are annual fixtures:

The Epiphany Riders on their way from Lungötz to Annaberg ©Tourismusverband Annaberg-Lungötz

The Epiphany Riders on Horseback

Tradition at the New Year

Every year on the 5th of January, the Magi make their way from Lungötz to Annaberg, present musical sages in front of the houses and wish happiness and blessings for the New Year. The special thing about it is that the kings are on their way horseback and wear old, traditional clothes. Further companions of the riders are "footmen" Fußknechte, smoke barrel carriers and also a donkey. The Dreikönigsreiter start at 9 o'clock at the chapel in Lungötz, in the evening a mass  is celebrated in Annaberg.

So much fun at the street festival! ©Tourismusverband Annaberg-Lungötz

Street festival on carnival Tuesday

Colourful hustle and bustle in the village

Hot drinks and cool rhythms - this is the street carnival party in Annaberg! Every year on Shrove Tuesday from 03.00 pm the carnival fools rule the place. Music is provided, good mood and imaginative masks bring the guests to the party. And when it gets darker and colder in the evening, the restaurants near the party and herring feast are the place to be. Ash Wednesday can wait a little longer! 2022: unfortunately cancelled
The traditional band Annaberg is playing at the mountain-worship ©Tourismusverband Annaberg-Lungötz

Stuhlalm-Mountain Worship

Being One with God and Nature

You do not have to be very religious, and yet it is a very special experience when the mountain worship is celebrated on the Stuhlalm in mid-August. Instead of sitting in pews, you sit on the alpine meadow, bees hum, cowbells ring. The pastor's words are accompanied by music from the traditional music band. Up here everything feels a bit freer - time to reflect and self-reflection - just let yourself in on this special feeling.
Every year different hayfigures are made for the HayART-Festival ©Tourismusverband Annaberg-Lungötz

HayART in Lammertal

Tradition meets art

Every year thousands of guests visit the Lammertal for the HayART festival and they are always enthusiastic about the creativity of the hay artists. The basic ideas of down-to-earthness, nature, regionality and hay art are the heart of HayART. In the HayART-corso presents artistic hay figures, which have been designed over weeks of work, are presented to visitors in the form of a parade. In addition, there are in the various delicacies from the region to be tasted, craftsmen can be watched upon their work. The next HayART-Festival will take place on 4th September 2022 in St. Martin/Tgb.
Magdalena Kraft, Magdalena Hirscher, Christine Moser with some of their delicious doghnuts ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz

Doghnuts and cheese

Delicacies from the Bauernherbst kitchen

The art of baking doghnuts – a tradition that is probably as old as the Lammertal itself. This tradition is practised at the Rottenhofhütte, where Krapfen (doghnuts) – spicy or sweet – are offered during the Krapfenwoche at the end of August/beginning of September. And after that Magdalena Kraft and her team spoil every cheese lover with imaginative variations in the cheese week at the end of September.
No fear of the Perchten ©TVB Annaberg-Lungötz

Familiy-friendly Perchtenlauf

Mystical beings bring happiness in the new year

"An Fried´, an Reim und an G´sund", peace, happiness and health, that is the saying when the Perchten appear in Lungötz on the penultimate day of the year. Although they look similar to the Krampus, the creatures are mythologically much older and more complex. Unlike the Krampus, they do not strike, but stroke over people, house and property with their horse hair rods and thus will bring happiness year. Do not miss this special spectacle on every 30th of December.
Experience a multi-faceted holiday in the Salzburger Land and join in the celebrations at the various festivals in the region. In this way you can experience customs and tradition, art and culinary delights of the Lammertal unadulterated and right on the spot.
In Annaberg-Lungötz numerous smaller and larger events take place around the year, to which we cordially invite you!
Take a look at our calendar of events and find out about the events that take place during your holiday in the Salzburg Lammertal.

Please note:

Celebrations and festivities in times of Corona

It is possible that individual events may fail or be postponed due to the Corona pandemic. You will be informed about this in a timely manner via our media channels. We would like to thank you for your understanding.

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